And so it begins .... again ... at last
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The team, Jim, Lou & Joe update on re-starting after an almost 15 month halt to proceedings. What's happening? Not sure if they know ;-)
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James returns after 7 days - not all of them spent on the shout last week. Find out what happened and additionally advice on what you should ensure you have when you take to the water.
Published 05/28/21
Today I talk to James, a Coxswain at GAFIRS, the chat was cut a little short - take a listen and find out why. We chat about how tasking works, how to get involved and what the different roles are within the lifeboat station.
Published 05/21/21
Today I talk to Nic Parton from Triangle International Berth Brokers about berth brokerage. I had no idea you could own your berth in a marina and even rent it out, Nic tells me all about it. How did such berths came about, how many there are on the south coast, in the UK generally and in Europe...
Published 05/06/21