We’re back with our WWYBD (What Would Your Bestie Do?!) segment where we answer questions that our listeners submitted on Instagram. In this episode, we answer questions related to feeling short-tempered, imposter syndrome, jealousy, friendships dwindling apart, your friend’s boyfriends, and coping with friends changing.
Published 05/27/22
Published 05/20/22
What an overdue episode! We could go on for hours about all things food but today we briefly touched on a bunch of topics from our grocery routines, how we make eating at home more appealing, appliances, funny food experiences, recommendations, go to meals, recipes and some of our all time favorite spots.
Published 05/20/22
There’s so much to discuss when it comes to influencer culture that we could have gone on for hours! We talk about the psychology of why we value influencers' opinions, problems within the world of brand partnerships, how accountable influencers should be for promoting products and experiences, what their lives might really look like behind the scenes and how the scene is continuously changing.
Published 05/13/22
We got the opportunity to get the spontaneous, jet-setting Patrick Revnew to sit down with us for an hour to talk about how he became a credit card point expert. From launching his own business as a senior in high school to building his TikTok travel account, he has years of experience in entrepreneurship and hacking the finances adult world brings on.
Published 05/06/22
We’re back with our WWYBD (What Would Your Bestie Do?!) segment where we answer questions that our listeners submitted on Instagram. If you’ve ever wanted to ask us what we’d do, be sure to submit your question for the next WWYBD as this is a recurring segment that airs the last Friday of each month.
Published 04/29/22
On today’s episode, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Lindsey Wedgeworth. We covered so many wholesome topics from taking risks, being away from your family, mental health, doing things alone, body image, social pressure, planning trips on a budget, prioritizing your values and finding a realistic balance between all that life offers.
Published 04/22/22
A lighthearted carefree episode where we update the friendsquad on what’s been going on in our personal lives, as well as chat pop culture trends and expose ourselves for definitely still using Urban Dictionary (oops)!
Published 04/15/22
Taking ~ silly goofy mood ~ to a whole new level on today’s episode. If you’re in need of a serotonin boost and some giggles then this is the perfect episode to lift your spirits. Allison and Ceara share their personal untold spring break stories that will have you belly laughing along. We also read listener submitted stories and let’s just say - our jaw is on the floor.
Published 04/08/22
No matter what age and stage you’re in, big life decisions are going to keep coming. In this episode, we walk you through some hard choices we had to make and risks we took.
Published 04/01/22
We’re back with our WWYBD (What Would Your Bestie Do?!) segment where we answer questions that our listener’s submitted on Instagram.
Published 03/25/22
With Ceara’s background as a travel producer and Allison’s experience traveling to 20+ countries, we wanted to talk about where we begin with our trip planning process. From choosing travel timelines, to finding hidden gems, we talk all things planning a trip this episode.
Published 03/18/22
With spring just around the corner, we thought we’d start getting excited about spring cleaning! Allison and Ceara share tips about cleaning out physical spaces such as your closet, car and home
Published 03/11/22
Romanticizing your life means finding beauty in the mundane. So much of our lives consist of work, chores, sleeping, running errands ~ and with this episode, we talk about our favorite ways to make those everyday moments special!
Published 03/04/22
We’re back with our WWYBD (What Would Your Bestie Do?!) segment where we answer questions that our listeners submitted on Instagram. We talk out different situations so you can hear our honest thoughts about the topic and we share any advice we might have.
Published 02/25/22
We bring the spice and fun this week! If you’re on social media, you’ve probably seen the recent trend to share your green flags vs. red flags. Usually, most of these are within the lens of dating but we thought we’d share our green flags and red flags when it comes to friendship! because this is the AFP after all. Whether it’s something as lighthearted as being messy, or as serious as hanging around a Debbie Downer, we discuss what makes or breaks it for us in a friend. This episode really...
Published 02/18/22
We’ve all thought about moving across the country and starting a new life at some point… right? Maybe you already did it (if you have, honestly go off bestie) but if you haven’t, we’ve brought along the perfect guest to tell you all about it. Today we’re joined by Nebraska native turned LA resident, Hannah Roeloffs. Hannah moved to LA right out of high school to pursue a career in fashion and has worked with some of the biggest fashion brands in the industry, leading her to start her own...
Published 02/11/22
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! It’s officially been a year since launching the Already Friends podcast, so what better way to celebrate than by reflecting on what we’ve learned since starting the show! We share different lessons having a podcast has taught us, share some stories, and reflect on how grateful we are that we get to do this every week. To many more episodes of the AFP!
Published 02/04/22
As two gals who have lived in the midwest for the majority of our lives, we know how long and brutal the winters can be. S.A.D. is so real! Now that we are through the holidays - motivation and excitement for the new year might be dwindling. Through some funny stories and girl talk, we are here to remind you of some easy activities that you can implement into your routine that will make the colder weather a little more enjoyable! As always, we share what we’ve been up to, our peaks and your...
Published 01/28/22
If you've been in a bit of a funk to start off the year, you're not alone! From people in our inner circles, to our listener's, to strangers and friends online - it seems like 2022 hasn't been the promised fresh start that many were hoping for. While we regularly try to show gratitude and acknowledge positive moments through our Peak of the Week Segment and general conversations, we felt that it was time to have a good deep heart to heart with you guys. With all that being said, we are...
Published 01/21/22
A huge thank you to Podcorn for sponsoring today's episode! Monetize your podcast with Podcorn at podcorn.com! Today, we’re talking about what we’re currently loving and what isn’t resonating with us anymore. Through our own personal growth journeys over the last few years, we’ve realized some things just aren’t aligning with us anymore. To keep it lighthearted, we also share our thoughts on some trendy items such as low-rise jeans, dirty chai lattes, and Instagram.
Published 01/14/22
We all know that January is a great time to reflect and reset after the holidays. While there can be a lot of pressure around feeling the need to “rebrand” yourself and set the stakes high, we want to encourage you to find what works for you. We share our goal-setting process and what has helped us turn our wishes into tangible plans. Through our journey as young adults, we’ve both aimed too high and aimed too low. Ideally, you want to reach enough out of your comfort zone to soar, but not so...
Published 01/07/22
As 2021 comes to a close, we wanted to sit down and reflect on everything the year entailed. Through good times and hard times, we share lessons we’ve learned. We switch up our weekly ‘Peak of the Week’ segment for a ‘Peak of the Year’ moment, celebrating our highs and a bunch of yours! We are so proud of you guys and all your growth this year. We both dove deep into 10 lessons that we've learned this year and saved #21 as a lesson the podcast learned together. It was a really fun episode...
Published 12/31/21
Happy holidays from us to you! With it being a busy week with the holidays, family time, etc., we’re keeping this week’s episode short and sweet. We talk about gratitude quite a bit on the show, so we wanted to express some of the things we were feeling grateful for this week. We also give our thoughts and some advice for dealing with everything that the holidays bring.
Published 12/24/21
We live in a world dominated by social media, and we have access to look and follow people of all shapes, sizes, and looks 24/7. The “beauty standard” seems to always be moving further and further out of our reach, and we’re constantly being told “do this diet, buy this product” and then you’ll love yourself. This also means we are constantly comparing: comparing ourselves to that Instagram model we follow, wanting what they have, hating what we have, the cycle goes on and on. At one point,...
Published 12/17/21