WWYBD?! You Asked, We Answered!
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If you've been in a bit of a funk to start off the year, you're not alone! From people in our inner circles, to our listener's, to strangers and friends online - it seems like 2022 hasn't been the promised fresh start that many were hoping for. While we regularly try to show gratitude and acknowledge positive moments through our Peak of the Week Segment and general conversations, we felt that it was time to have a good deep heart to heart with you guys. With all that being said, we are starting a new episode series called ~ WWYBD?! ~ What Would Your Bestie Do?! We asked you guys to DM us your questions, problems and anything on your mind that you wanted to share. We kept everything anonymous and shared our advice when asked. We can't wait to keep this new series going to connect with our listener's on a more intimate level and make you feel less alone in whatever you may be going through.
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