Episode 362: South East & Down Under - The Final Snatch
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We’re covering Drag Race Philippines exclusively on Patreon (https://publish.blubrry.com/s-811386/episodes/e-89172209/edit/Patreon.com/alrightmary) this season! This week we're also wrapping up our coverage of Drag Race Down Under Season 2. Here’s a preview of this week’s discussions of the Down Under finale and Philippines' epic match of Snatch Game!DRPH – 00:00DRDU - 21:00Become a Matreon at the Sister Mary level to get access to hundreds of back episodes, including movie reviews and past Drag Race seasons like Season 3, Season 8 and Seasons 2 and 3 of Drag Race UK. Join us at our OnlyMary's level for EVEN MORE movie reviews, brackets, and deep dives into our personal lives!Patreon: www.patreon.com/alrightmary (http://www.patreon.com/alrightmary)Email: [email protected] (mailto:[email protected])Instagram: @alrightmarypod (http://instagram.com/alrightmarypod)Twitter: @alrightmary (https://www.twitter.com/alrightmary)Johnny: @johnnyalso (https://www.instagram.com/johnnyalso) (Instagram) // @johnnyalso1 (http://twitter.com/johnnyalso1) (Twitter)Colin: @colindrucker_ (http://instagram.com/colindrucker_) (Instagram) // @colindrucker (https://www.twitter.com/colindrucker) (Twitter)Web: www.alrightmary.com (http://www.alrightmary.com/)BetterHelp Promo: betterhelp.com/AlrightMary (http://betterhelp.com/AlrightMary)(discount code: AlrightMary)
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Bonus episode this week! Here's our OnlyMary's discussion from April of this year revisiting and ranking the surprisingly delightful ELEVEN mini challenges of Season 11! Want even more Alright Mary? Become a Matreon...
Published 11/27/22
The zombie prom themed floorshow this week is befitting of an episode rife with high school drama. The love triangle of terror continues to dominate the conversation, and our only hope is Koco Caine. We have much to say about eating brains, titty babies, Victoria as a future judge, our feelings...
Published 11/24/22