Episode 363: BONUS! Drag Race UK Season 4 Episode 1 - ST4RT Your Engines (w/ Genie!)
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**We’ll covering the rest of Drag Race UK S4 exclusively on Patreon!** Drag Race Thailand Season 2 alum Genie (https://www.instagram.com/wishforgenie) joins us this week to kick off the newest season! While the newest crop of queens from across the Atlantic are reminding us of everything from past winners to past their prime television stars, (almost) everyone is ready to be on the telly and put on a good show! Everything is definitely better with Cheddar, we get some generous shakes of Black Peppa, and Sminty would probably look great in board shorts. Meanwhile, Dakota Schiffer gets lost in the references and Just May is just...maybe not.     Become a Matreon at the Sister Mary level to get access to hundreds of back episodes, including movie reviews and past Drag Race seasons like Season 3, Season 8 and Seasons 2 and 3 of Drag Race UK. Join us at our OnlyMary's level for EVEN MORE movie reviews, brackets, and deep dives into our personal lives!Patreon: www.patreon.com/alrightmary (http://www.patreon.com/alrightmary)Email: [email protected] (mailto:[email protected])Instagram: @alrightmarypod (http://instagram.com/alrightmarypod)Twitter: @alrightmary (https://www.twitter.com/alrightmary)Johnny: @johnnyalso (https://www.instagram.com/johnnyalso) (Instagram) // @johnnyalso1 (http://twitter.com/johnnyalso1) (Twitter)Colin: @colindrucker_ (http://instagram.com/colindrucker_) (Instagram) // @colindrucker (https://www.twitter.com/colindrucker) (Twitter)Web: www.alrightmary.com (http://www.alrightmary.com/)BetterHelp Promo: betterhelp.com/AlrightMary (http://betterhelp.com/AlrightMary)(discount code: AlrightMary)    
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