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Welcome to our special bonus episode. We recorded a live, moderated panel with our cast – Shanola Hampton (Anna Rossi), Spencer Garrett (Porter Purvis), Jack Coleman (Dan Carrington), and Autumn Reeser (Olivia Huff) – as well as the crew – J S Mayank, David Carlyle, and Jeremy Gordon. Our esteemed moderator, Stacey Wilson Hunt, gets to the heart of the idea, how our story came together, and what it was like for this cast to work together (or not?) So check out this behind-the-scenes look at our series, brought to you almost live from the Microsoft Lounge at LA Live in Los Angeles.
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Published 11/19/18
In the conclusion of our first season, Seth completes his heroes’ journey. Each of the characters see their story come to a close, as Seth’s supporters and adversaries will either band with him, or conspire to bring him down. Directed by J S Mayank. Written by J S Mayank & David Carlyle....
Published 10/17/18
At his lowest point, Seth gets an unexpected visitor – former President Sidney Rutherford – the one person whose opinion he holds over everyone else’s in the world. Between the counsel of his mentor, and Congresswoman Helen Chan, his only true ally who knows how to navigate D.C., Seth gets a...
Published 10/10/18