How to Shift From Suffering to Self-Love with Blake Bauer
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Blake grew up locked in a cycle of fear, toxicity, and ego that manifested itself in drug dependency, chaos, and an inevitable rock bottom before he finished high school. But he managed to turn things around by learning how to truly love himself, to honor his feelings and his purpose here on earth. Since his spiritual breakthrough, he has helped thousands of people around the globe liberate themselves from the debilitating narrative loop ingrained from childhood and ancestral programming. His transformational book, ¨You Were Not Born to Suffer,¨ is a wonderful resource to help you on your journey to greatness. Today he’s here to teach us how to overcome playing small and train our mental health muscles to live the life we all deserve to live.  Resources: Read Blake’s Book: ¨You Were Not Born to Suffer: Overcome Fear, Insecurity and Depression and Love Yourself Back to Happiness, Confidence, and Peace" Website: Instagram: @blakedbauer Song: Call from God/New Visions by Share your gifts with me: [email protected]  Advertisers + Sponsors: Shaman School: Lit Verified Store: Healing Temple: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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