Listener Stories: Vol. 74
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Happy unhinged Honda-days! Christine is channeling multiple demons to bring us another rendition of "Christmastime is here" but we're all about helping you celebrate any and all holidays you partake in! We've got some wild, spooky "home for the holidays" themed stories because 'tis the season for chill-inducing caroling trips, heartwarming haunted Christmas lights and a rock collector turned under-the-bed bone collector who's holidays have been haunted ever since. Merry Chremit to all! ...and that's why we drink!
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Welcome to episode 311 where we're having a very Drew Barrymore moment and we're basking in it! We hope you enjoy our cool and crazed energy today as Em brings us tales of the Tower of London, a spooky call-back to 10 year-old Christine. Then current Christine covers the second part in her two...
Published 01/22/23
It's episode 310 and despite the movie-magic of our recording schedule we actually haven't recorded in a month! Tune in as we catch up on anxiety and nose piercings as well as all things creepy. First Em covers the wild history of the Banshee, who uses she/her pronouns, thank you for normalizing...
Published 01/15/23
Published 01/15/23