158: A Vodka Blanket and Radioactive Snow Angels
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Alert! Alert! We're implementing the vodka emergency buddy system this week, people! Em's holding Christine and Christine's holding the vodka because Em's covering the long awaited story of the mysterious Dyatlov Pass Incident. Then Christine brings us perhaps the most recent story yet with the gruesome murder of Kevin Bacon, not the actor but a beloved Michigan hairstylist. We're also graced with the guest appearance of Gio's nap time blep tongue... and that's why we drink! 
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Published 05/27/20
Be sure to watch your chickens this week because Gef the Gemini, oh and spectral, Mongoose just might come after them! Em takes us all the way to the Isle of Man for the wild story of Gef the Mongoose in the second part of their series on the life of Harry Price. Then Christine covers the highly...
Published 05/24/20
Everything happens for a reason... especially when you want an orange lava burst juice box! We're back on our game this week and, with the exception of 6 minutes where Em's face freezes for no earthly reason (we're so sorry), we've got video for you again (check out our YouTube page here)! We're...
Published 05/17/20