Danny Brown's WEIRD Way of Surviving Prison
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Danny Brown is a wild boy & came through to tell us some of his WILDEST stories - show him some love andcheck out his pod after this one, you won't be disappointed! 00:00 Cheating takes too much effort 03:14 Top 1% of OF are special 05:28 It’s all Too $hort’s fault 07:12 Jail saved Danny + Registry was lit 21:27 Terrible dealer 22:21 The Ultimate “Revenge” Story 27:34 CIA targeted Danny 32:35 Captain Black Planet loves White Women 35:19 Danny girl’s saved his life 38:12 Dr Umar Johnson is the GOAT 40:08 Favourite musician + impact of LL Cool J 45:14 How Music career started 48:13 Detroit hated him at first 52:54 Fashionista because of his father 55:30 Eminem being an inspiration 01:03:36 SXSW + Austin made Danny 01:08:50 Addiction Struggles 01:11:49 Danny is NOT afraid of death
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