Neuroscientist on Foot Fetishes, Drugs, and NoFap (Dr. Huberman)
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Whats good people, we had to get Dr. Huberman (neuroscientist and researcher at Stanford University) to explain Schulzy's fetish, the benefits of NoFap, and which drugs are useful therapy. INDULGE! 00:00 - Why Andrew Schulz loves feet? 19:00 - NoFap rewiring the brain 23:59 - What we want v what we think we want 28:40 - Huberman is packing 31:20 - Kindness is the most attractive quality 42:04 - Sunlight - sets mood, focus and sleep at night 47:32 - Sleep is king - substance will impact your rest 58:14 - Let your brains develop before touching substances 01:03:17 - shrooms - effective treatment for trauma 01:08:42 - Mormons love drug therapy 01:11:25 - K therapy 01:15:35 - Gigachads don't mouth breathe 01:23:31 - Dance evolved into language 01:31:51 - Why is story so powerful? Politicians, lawyers, comedians. 01:48:36 - Peptides - everyone's gonna get swole 02:02:46 - Everyday tips for every body to use
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