Kanye West Made Alex Jones Look WOKE
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Well... He did it again.. Kanye West Made Alex Jones Look Woke. Is this the end for Kanye? Schulz discusses why Art Basel sucks, why Ronaldo should come to the US, and why the Twitter files arent surprising. INDULGE! 00:00 - Jesus isn’t enough for Ye 07:30 - Manosphere love being cucks 24:37 - Dov is a Mid-Value Man 29:44 - Tate is a loss-leader of Islam 33:48 - Art Basel was the worst parts of Miami 57:29 - Child acting is abuse 01:03:53 - Andrew LOVES hanging out with MEN 01:17:05 - What is kismet? 01:18:24 - Ronaldo insane Saudi offer 01:26:23 - Zlatan’s confidence is insane 01:30:17 - World Cup predictions 01:34:38 - Crypto millionaires keep dying 01:40:48 - Hunter Biden Files + Twitter + Owning the internet
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Published 01/26/23
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