Schulz Reacts: Britney Griner freed & Elon Boo’d at Dave Chappelle show
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What's up everybody, we got a fun one today right before the Flagrant guys leave for a quick trip to Morocco for the World Cup! Hear me more about Morocco, Britney Griner, Elon and Chappelle and much much more in this ep of the GREATEST HANG ON THE INTERNET. INDULGE 00:00 - Going to Morocco to watch the Semis 13:30 - Cultural Differences in Morocco 20:56 - Britanny Griner - Russia got the better deal 48:21 - Musk getting booed + Buffet capping 01:18:36 - Twitter files part 2 - shadow banning did happen 01:27:49 - Indonesia banning hook-ups in the jungle? 01:32:31 - Bored Apes Lawsuit 01:37:15 - AI taking over - Lensa & ChatGPT 01:52:42 - World Cup predictions - France, Mbappe being the best
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