Schulz Reacts: Andrew Tate Attacked & Prince Harry Gets ROASTED
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00:00 - Andrew is a Renaissance man 06:46 - Jeff Bezos doesn’t want you to buy books 13:52 - “Sacred Flaw” in The Godfather part 1 15:40 - Akaash is awful tech support 17:39 - Andrew loves bulls + NYC embracing PBR 33:23 - Horse-riding is SCARY + Who wins between Bear v Gorilla? 37:20 - National Anthem is lit 39:17 - Catching up with everyone’s weekend 44:09 - Roasting EVERYONE’S fit 49:51 - Is Kim K trying to provoke Ye? 01:01:05 - Ecuadorian dad changes gender for his kids + twisting logic until it breaks 01:10:25 - Jake Paul signing with PGL 01:15:20 - Gervonta Davis really is elite 01:20:55 - Dillon Danis might not fight again 01:27:30 - No-one cares about Prince Harry… including his family 01:31:56 - George Santos is the GOAT liar 01:41:44 - N.W. Indian milky Wedding Tradition 01:47:04 - C. Ronaldo would rewrite Shariah law than marry his GF 01:55:00 - The Matrix hospitalised Andrew Tate? + Manosphere is the reaction to Feminism 02:19:18 - Bowling girl really is a great striker
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