Andrew Santino's PERFECT Impressions: Bill Burr, Jordan Peterson & Joe Biden
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Today we got Andrew Santino / Bill Burr / Joe Biden/ Jordan Peterson in the studio to talk about his NEW Netflix special, what he would do if he won the lotto, and why Bobby Lee would get NOTHING. INDULGE! 00:00 - Santino is the king of L.A. + moving to NYC 02:21 - Bad Friends are going on tour + format 06:08 - LA scene is too fragmented + Rogan set the tone 15:20 - Santino wants to change things up 19:55 - Bobby has to put away his hog on tour 22:16 - Finding out girlfriends’ body counts 25:17 - Santino’s incredible Wikifeet score 29:17 - Bobby Lee has a higher score than Schulz 33:50 - Santino’s mum got a BMW + Dad got a gift card 40:01 - Mark thinks Santino is OLD 42:35 - Gay for pay? 47:17 - What’s the dream role? + Santino is a natural redhead 49:42 - Meat Beat Schedule 52:15 - Avatar will always make money + Top Gun in perfect 56:05 - Hollywood doesn’t take Comics seriously 01:00:28 - Biden drops by... 01:01:10 - Santino would say the N word… 01:06:31 - Mr Beast should stick to philanthropy 01:09:16 - Forget your dreams, get a real job 01:14:19 - Santino doesn’t want $100m + Schulz wants financial freedom 01:31:07 - The day Santino quit his job to pursue comedy 01:34:02 - Choosing to do a Netflix special 01:41:02 - “Cheeseburger” Andrew Santino’s new Netflix Special Redid them
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