AAA 578: Jobless Monopoly
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The Anime Addicts mess around with some anime and Japan themed monopoly boards, play a game of Does Mitsugi's Mom Know and review the questionable anime from Winter 2021, Jobless Reincarnation. -------------------------------------- Time Markers: -Big News of the Week: 7:45 -Main Topic: Anime Monopoly: 22:00 -News Break: 1:00:30 -Does Mitsugi's Mom Know: 1:08:00 -Mailbag: 1:21:45 -Review: Jobless Reincarnation: 1:26:00 ------------------------------------------------------- You can support the podcast in the following ways: Sign up at: Send a donation at: Sign up at Patreon: Thank you for your generosity and kindness. ------------------------------------------------------ You can also join our Discord Channel at: ------------------------------------------------------
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