Anime: Alicization Uniting 99.9FM - Episode 1
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What's up guys? This is Tony, big anime fanatic and music loving, motherfucka. I'm here to bring you the best of the best anime music of past, present, and future and also we will have discussions each week about anime, news based on anime, and music as well. You will also get a few voice impressions of anime characters, introducing their particular anime shows' theme songs! Hopefully you all will enjoy this as much as I did!  P.S. I apologize if my mic quality is bad, it's all I got at the moment. But, bare with me until I get a better one!  Twitter Link:
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What's up, peeps? Welcome back to yet another episode of the Alicization Uniting podcast! What we're gonna be talking about on this episode is reviewing the Summer 2020 anime season, altogether as we head fully diving into the Fall 2020 anime season! Timestamps will be posted at a later time! As...
Published 09/23/20
What's up, guys? Welcome back to another episode of the Alicization Uniting 99.9FM podcast! So, we got a lot on tape for y'all in this episode. Some stuff that's real life shit, or anime-related. So, yeah! I hope you guys enjoy this episode.
Published 06/01/20