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12 LESSONS LEARNED IN 2021 NOVEMBER: smartphone management  Hi, I'm Anna Jelen and I love all the advantages of the internet, apps and smartphones. One of them is, to be connected with you guys. I love this and I appreciate it. But I have quite a severe management of the digital world. And how was I able to reduce smartphone-screen time down to 15 minutes per day, I'll tell you a lot about it on my latest podcast episode. Listen to it and let me know what you think. A little outtake:"If I want to create content that shall be good enough to ask you to have a look at my work, I want it to be valuable and creative. That's where I need my creativity to come into the game. My creativity only shows up when I am present. When I am in the analogue world. Every screen shoos away my creativity. To protect the world of imagination, I limit my digital time. What do I do instead? I love to read for a long stretch. Sometimes, when I have a day off, I take a book, lie on my sofa, and read the whole afternoon. In your eyes may be a waste of time, but god, I love it. Sometimes, I just sit around. And I sit and think, and it's soooooo interesting, what kind of thoughts show up. Oh boy, this as well; I love it. Sometimes, I make a fire outside because that makes me so happy to stand or sit there and watch it burn and think or maybe talk to the others who are there with me. Doing all this, my creativity never leaves me; she is always there, listening. And sometimes, she comes up with an idea and gives it to me. And that is why I need to be present and can't spend too much time in the digital world." Enjoy the whole episode, it takes only 13 minutes to listen.My dear one, it's the last day of the year 2021. It's been a ride. Many people out there hope or wish for the next year to be better. I don't know if I would look at it that way. I tell myself, just continue. Continue to be curious. Continue to ENJOY - I love that word. Continue to love, to smile, to be here.I wish you a peaceful and healthy start into the new year. I will be back tomorrow with lesson number 12, I wanted this lesson to be the first episode of 2022, because it's about life.So long, farewell. Goodbye and a happy new year! Yours, AnnABy the way; please subscribe to the Newsletter and in the future, you will get all the audio versions also in written form.     The Member's Club CHECK IT OUT How about some hashtags for once: #intentionalliving #sayno #chooseyou #chooseyourself #boundaries #boundariesarehealthy #pleasure #life #strong #happy #healthy #peace #harmony  #mindset #powerofthemind #smartphone #digitalminimalism #minimalism #focus #lessscreentime #phonemanagement #mindshift #selfgrowthjourney #liveyourpurpose #mindsetiskey #positiveminds #motivationeveryday #gratitudeattitude #trustyourjourney #pursueyourpassion #purposedrivenlife #abundancemindset #personaldevelopment
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