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TALKING ABOUT LIFE AND TIME with BRANDON Check out Brandons work In the end of this episode, I will announce a little change coming up - stay tuned!  We talk about a lot:  Anna joins the show to share a distinctive perspective on a concept that deeply impacts all of our lives: time. This conversation steps off the beaten path to explore the insights gained from a life defined by free expression, deep curiosity, near-death experience, and an undeniable calling. Along the way, various topics are traversed including: - how time and it's scarcity force us to establish priorities - why we "waste" time - the limits of normalcy - finding freedom through overcoming judgement - the relativity of the length of life - near-death experiences and the role a fear of death plays in our lives - embracing the lows of life - balancing the past, present, and future - the various benefits of "cold therapy" My dear listeners,  take the chance to go and listen to episodes from 2020, I really liked doing them and felt an improvement in them.   Until very soon!  Lots of love, AnnA Episode notes: Too many to be noted... The Member's Club CHECK IT OUT Members - stay tuned, will let you know the next dates very soon!
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