Dating Honestly and Patiently ~ A Driving Rant ~
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“We HAVE to be honest with others and with ourselves, mostly, of ‘what do I want out of this relationship? Out of life? Out of dating? What am I looking for?’... the chill girl mentality has done more damage to dating in our generation than f******s have”
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“My advice is ultimately to get out there and do it. I know it’s scary... but you got this! Just go for it!”
Published 03/19/21
Proficient in Microsoft Word and always has room for dessert
Published 03/10/21
“Part of the reason why we were able to make friends so easily as kids is [for example] because we’re using the same color crayon and we’re sharing it and that’s something we have in common or we both like recess and that’s a common view, but as we develop and become more complex and start really...
Published 02/24/21