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Published 09/20/20
Our midseason finale! Rosalind uncovers a key piece of evidence. Dana gets in trouble. Olivia takes up knitting. And Bea and Brenda reveal the biggest secret of them all. Also: High stakes negotiations! Production information/content warning on our website. Our sponsors this week: Shaker & Spoon and Purple Carrot. Be sure to use the promo code ARDEN for some great discounts!
Published 08/10/20
Arden, season 2, episode 5 - "More Kin, Less Kind” Bea and Brenda investigate the Hamill family and learn more about Clyde and Trudy Hamill than they ever wanted to, as Rosalind and Dana grow ever closer. Also: Coyotes! Cast/crew information and content warnings on our website. This episode was sponsored by Tavour and Shaker and Spoon. Use promo code ARDEN at checkout for exciting discounts!
Published 08/03/20
Arden, season 2, episode 4 - "Distracted Multitude" On one eventful day, Bea investigates the mysteries of love, Brenda investigates the mysteries of death, and Lorena gets a flat tire. Also: Andy Wheyface meets his match! Content warnings and cast/crew on our website. Our sponsors: Tab for a Cause and Purple Carrot
Published 07/27/20
Team Arden heads to Elsinore, Montana, to solve the murder of Dan Hamill. Or figure out if Dan Hamill was even murdered at all. Or something. Also: the dead speak! Cast/crew information, content warning, and additional details on our website ardenpodcast.com
Published 07/20/20
When Brenda runs into an old flame, she's drawn into a web of mystery, lies, and wolves on the campus of Vienna College. Also: terror on the Nile! CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains adult language, drinking, fighting, gunfire, loud noises, intense action sequences, police sirens, sexual harassment, adult subjects, discussion though not depiction of sex work, and brief prison scenes. For full show notes, cast/crew list, and sponsor information, visit ardenpodcast.com
Published 07/13/20
With Brenda Bentley still missing, Bea and the rest of the team at Wheyface Radio struggle to record a simple intro for Arden's second season. Also: a high-stakes game of chance! CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains adult language, drinking, fighting, loud noises, discussion though not depiction of gore, and brief prison scenes. For full show notes, sponsors, cast, and crew, visit ardenpodcast.com
Published 07/06/20
We're back! Season 2 Premieres July 6th. Enjoy this clip from Episode 203!
Published 06/30/20
Brenda Bentley guest stars on fellow Wheyface Radio program "Calls from the Void". Among the topics of discussion: FMK for monsters, whether or not certain marsupials are aliens, and Brenda's very own alien encounter. Written and directed by Sara Ghaleb Starring: Tracey Sayed as Brenda Bentley James Oliva as Dr. Lhereux Jennifer Liao as Caller #1 Emily VanDerWerff as Caller #2 Tal Minear as Caller #3 Mike Bash as Caller #4
Published 02/10/20
Published 02/10/20
SUPPORT OUR CAMPAIGN ON INDIEGOGO: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/arden-season-2-a-town-called-elsinore/x/22459255#/ Facing some difficult choices, Wheyface Radio makes a test. Starring Shannon Estabrook, Benjamin Watts, Sara Ghaleb, and Michelle Agresti (kinda?). Written and directed by Christopher Dole.
Published 02/03/20
SUPPORT ARDEN S2 INDIEGOGO: https://igg.me/at/ardenpodcast/x/22459255#/ Ever wondered what else is on Wheyface Radio? Wonder no more! Starring Charlita Gaston as Pamela Pink, Benjamin Watts as Andy Wheyface, and Shannon Estabrook as Rosalind Ursula
Published 01/27/20
Arden is launching an IndieGoGo campaign to help fund Season 2! For less than the price of a cup of coffee, you too can help and get amazing rewards! Find out more here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/arden-season-2-a-town-called-elsinore/x/22459255#/ And to commemorate the occasion: meet Dana Hamill, the subject of Season 2's case. Starring Shannon Estabrook as Rosalind Ursula and introducing Libby Woodbridge as Dana Hamill. CW: Gun shot sound
Published 01/20/20
Enjoy the first nine minutes of Arden S2, coming February 29, 2020. Starring: Michelle Agresti, Tracey Sayed, Shannon Estabrook, Charlita Gason, and Ben Watts Original Score by Christopher Hatfield Music featured: Harvest of Happiness - Royalty-Free Music by https://audiohub.com License: CC BY (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) La Mia patria - Royalty-Free Music by https://audiohub.com License: CC BY (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Published 01/12/20
Join Bea, Rosalind, Pamela, and Andy as Wheyface Radio celebrates Thanksgiving in its own inimitable way. Turkeys, parades, presents, and more! Brought to you by Wheyface Industries. The Festive Good People.
Published 11/28/19
Season 2 is on the way! But one of our co-hosts is missing?! Have YOU seen Brenda Bentley? If so, visit https://www.ardenpodcast.com/s2-tip-line to tell us where Brenda is - and potentially win some nifty prizes...
Published 07/17/19
Join show creators Todd VanDerWerff, Christopher Dole, and Sara Ghaleb for an in-depth look behind the scenes at the development of the pilot, "Aliens Did It". Thrill or cringe at the original 2016 pitch! Gasp at Andy Wheyface's aborted hostile takeover plotline! Discover what line Todd considers the most important in Arden's history! And discover the romantic tension between Bea Casely and...Ben Bentley?! All this and much, much more!
Published 03/18/19
In honor of Arden passing 90,000 unique downloads, we are beginning a new fundraising drive on behalf of The Innocence Project.
Published 02/10/19
Bea and Brenda reach the end of the road and the end of their rope. CONTENT WARNING: Discussion (though not depiction) of sexual assault; explicit language; loud noises SPECIAL NOTE: Please stay tuned all the way through the credits and beyond for additional scenes.
Published 12/10/18
The answers you came for. CONTENT WARNING: Explicit language; discussion (though not depiction) of sexual assault
Published 12/04/18
The Arden Team hits a few snags upon their arrival in Italy.
Published 12/03/18
Join the crew on Wheyface Airlines Flight #10 to Verona, Italy, where Bea makes some new acquaintances, Pamela gets some news, and Brenda gets the best seat in the house. CW: Vomiting, baby crying, electrocution
Published 11/26/18
Bea and Brenda switch personalities, and huge revelations, both personal and professional, are at hand. CONTENT WARNING: Discussion of sexual assault: 8:18-10:00 Discussion of homophobia: 26:38-28:16 SOUND EFFECTS CREDITS: "fast-swing-air-swoosh" by Dane Casperson of www.thefilmmakersarchive.com "Door, Front, Opening, A.wav" by InspectorJ (www.jshaw.co.uk) of Freesound.org "Car Interior 3" by Meepalicious of Freesound.org "Inertior Car Moving on Cobblestones" by casssi of Freesound.org
Published 11/19/18
Wheyface Radio Presents: AfterArden! Telling you everything that just happened on Arden... after Arden! A special bonus minisode hosted by Rosalind Ursula and Andy Wheyface!
Published 11/15/18
Bea and Brenda discover everything they knew about the Julie Capsom case was wrong, and also visit a farmer's market. Content Warning: Sounds of vomiting at 29:00 and 29:03 SFX Credit - The Wheyface Key Tracker: "UI Confirmation Alert, A4.wav" by InspectorJ (www.jshaw.co.uk) of Freesound.org
Published 11/12/18