When is hexing and cursing appropriate? Can it actually be a good thing?
Published 06/30/17
Learning to charm is a powerful tool for bringing magic alive in our lives. Charms needn't be complicated, but they do take persistence and diligence to be effective. Congratulations to the winner of this month's giveaway. Thank you so much to Full Moon Supplies for their kind donation to this month's drawing. Visit them at www.fullmoonsupplies.com
Published 06/02/17
Sacrifice, magical methodologies, a gender neutral god, and other varied topics were discussed tonight with this very kind group of people who invited Ariel to speak with them.
Published 02/21/17
Tonight's live, online talk deals with working transformation spells. Congratulations to this month's winner of our giveaway. Thank you again to Mermade Magickal Arts for donating such a wonderful gift please visit them at http://www.mermadearts.com.
Published 02/17/17
In this live discussion, Ariel discusses some ideas on the topic of becoming a magical activist.
Published 02/14/17
Tonight's talk deals with accessing the teacher within. Congratulations to the winner of this month's Giveaway. Thank you so much to Otherworldly Waxes for donating such a beautiful and powerful candle to give away. Visit them online at www.otherworldlywaxesandwhatever.com
Published 01/06/17
Congratulations to the winner of the November giveaway! I hope you enjoy your Witch's Rosary!
Published 11/18/16
In tonight's live, online talk, we discuss the secret success ingredient which makes many people's practical magic quite effective. Go to our forum at www.arielscorner.com, and click on "Forum News" to see this month's giveaway, and for details about the Christopher Penczack workshop mentioned in the announcements on tonight's episode.
Published 11/04/16
In today's online Lecture call, Ariel answers some listener questions, and discusses the Occult Law of Sacrifice.
Published 10/15/16
Today's live online talk discusses how we can use the two worlds to create our magic. Featured music: Moon Bathing by Sky Cries Mary. You need to buy this amazing album!
Published 10/01/16
In this live lecture, Ariel discusses a magical practice he calls Micro Magic.
Published 09/13/16
"How can I help in a crisis situation?" was the question on most of our minds tonight, following on the heels of the massacre in Orlando on June 12, 2016.
Published 06/15/16
In tonight's live discussion, Ariel talks about several techniques, one of which is letting go of burdens which we have been carrying.
Published 03/15/16
This Studio episode contains a talk where Ariel deals with the issues of the spiritual power behind our magic. Musical selection: Under A Beltane Sun, by Damh the Bard off the album, Antlered Crown and Standing Stone.
Published 03/09/16
This live lecture deals with the Hermetic Principle of Vibration in very practical terms.
Published 01/20/16
In this studio episode, Ariel looks at the concepts of Light and Darkness from a few different perspectives. Featured music: "Now I Walk In Beauty" By Libana, from the album, "Fire Within."
Published 12/18/15
Today's studio episode deals with a law of magic that is all to often overlooked. Featured music: "Bring Back The Light" by Gypsy off the album "Enchantress."
Published 10/09/15
Where is the witch's workshop and what is made there? Tonights talk explores...
Published 09/12/15
In this studio episode, Ariel discusses avoiding overwhelm and finding success in daily magic a little at a time. Music featured: "Witch's Reel" by Kellianna, from the album, "The Ancient Ones." Visit Ariel's website at www.arielscorner.com
Published 06/17/15
Tonight's live lecture deals with the power of naming. Visit Ariel's Website at www.arielscorner.com
Published 04/17/15
From the studio today, Ariel discusses one of our most important magical tools: the power of choice. Visit Ariel's Website at www.arielscorner.com
Published 02/07/15
Tonight Ariel discusses some ideas for magic using the dual nature of the mind. Featured music "The Worship of Trees" by Telling the Bees, off their album, "Untie the Wind." Visit Ariel's Website at www.arielscorner.com
Published 01/11/15
This studio episode is a little refresher course in visioning as a magical tool. Music: "Return of the King," by Gwydion Pendderwen from the album "Songs for the Old Religion." Visit Ariel's Website at www.arielscorner.com
Published 11/29/14
In this studio episode, Ariel discusses the uses of the spoken word in magic. Featured music: "Gently Johnny" by Damh the Bard, off his album "Herne's Apprentice." Visit Ariel's Website at www.arielscorner.com
Published 11/14/14
In today's studio episode, Ariel discusses some time-tested techniques for making magic using writing. Featured music: "Samhain" by Lisa Thiel from her album, "Circle of the Seasons" Visit Ariel's Website at www.arielscorner.com
Published 10/29/14