The Benefits of Hexing
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When is hexing and cursing appropriate? Can it actually be a good thing?
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Learning to charm is a powerful tool for bringing magic alive in our lives. Charms needn't be complicated, but they do take persistence and diligence to be effective. Congratulations to the winner of this month's giveaway. Thank you so much to Full Moon Supplies for their kind donation to this...
Published 06/02/17
Sacrifice, magical methodologies, a gender neutral god, and other varied topics were discussed tonight with this very kind group of people who invited Ariel to speak with them.
Published 02/21/17
Tonight's live, online talk deals with working transformation spells. Congratulations to this month's winner of our giveaway. Thank you again to Mermade Magickal Arts for donating such a wonderful gift please visit them at
Published 02/17/17