Episode 044: Diego Mellado
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This week we’re visiting with Diego Mellado, an engineer who works in the service of artists. Diego has a formal technical background as a trained engineer but a long time ago after becoming disillusioned with the corporate world, pivoted to using these skills to support  contemporary artists. He has spent the past ten plus years in the studio of artist Daniel Canogar, designing and building elegant and durable technical implementations of Daniel’s artistic visions. The technical expertise that people like Diego provide to artists plays a crucial but often unsung role in the art world, and especially in conservation. How artwork leaves the studio, and what documentation accompanies it has a major influence on how well an artwork will survive the future. Years ago Diego was able to see this connection, and began immersing himself in the conservation world and today is an incredibly unique individual in that he has more than a decade of engineering and document works of art within the context of an artist’s studio, but also now is very much part of the conservation community. Tune in to hear Diego’s story! Links from the conversation with Diego > http://www.danielcanogar.com/ > https://muac.unam.mx/patrimoniobit/talleres/nuevas-aproximaciones-a-la-conservacion-de-obras-de-arte-digitales.html > https://www.mediaartscultures.eu/mediaac/ Get access to exlusive content - join us on Patreon! > https://patreon.com/artobsolescence Join the conversation: https://twitter.com/ArtObsolescence https://www.instagram.com/artobsolescence/ Support artists Art and Obsolescence is a non-profit podcast, sponsored by the New York Foundation for the Arts, and we are committed to equitably supporting artists that come on the show. Help support our work by making a tax deductible gift through NYFA here: https://www.artandobsolescence.com/donate
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