Episode 048: Jochen Saueracker
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This week’s guest Jochen Saueracker had some incredible stories to tell – the early decades of his career were spent as a sort of engineer and/or video art roadie for Nam June Paik, traveling all over the world installing complex towers of CRT monitors. Today, in addition to working closely with Shigeko Kubota’s estate to steward her legacy and archive, Jochen works as part of an incredible workshop called Colorvac. Not only is Colorvac one of really just a handful of workshops still capable of maintaining old Cathode Ray Tube televisions, but Colorvac has refined some incredible unique methods and tools for “refreshing” CRT monitors – actually cracking open the tube, giving it a little tidy-up inside, replacing the electron gun, and resealing the vacuum tube. Mind blowing stuff. On top of all of this, Jochen is an artist in and of his own right. Tune in to hear Jochen’s story, as well as some breaking news about the future of Colorvac! Links from the conversation with Jochen > See Colorvac in action: https://youtu.be/jQrbzapU0dU > Colorvac website: http://colorvac.de/ > Jochen’s art: http://jochensaueracker.de/ Get access to exlusive content - join us on Patreon! > https://patreon.com/artobsolescence Join the conversation: https://twitter.com/ArtObsolescence https://www.instagram.com/artobsolescence/ Support artists Art and Obsolescence is a non-profit podcast, sponsored by the New York Foundation for the Arts, and we are committed to equitably supporting artists that come on the show. Help support our work by making a tax deductible gift through NYFA here: https://www.artandobsolescence.com/donate
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