We usually start a long-term project with a specific goal or set of expectations in mind. Rarely does the project turn out the way we thought it would. More often than not, it’s better than we had imagined. But before we can get to that point of admitting that the change might have actually led to an improvement in the original plan, we have to struggle, to question our assumptions or to ask for more help or more money. We recognize we can’t continue working in the same fashion as before, and...
Published 05/12/22
Published 05/12/22
Some artists just know what they want, and some know what they don’t want. My guest for this episode has a lot of clarity about both. On this episode of The Art Biz, I’m talking with Alicia Goodwin, who worked as a jewelry designer for a number of individuals and companies before transitioning to her own full time jewelry business, Lingua Nigra. As an encourager, Alicia wants artists to go for it. She doesn’t believe in even considering a plan B in case the art thing doesn’t work out. She...
Published 04/28/22
Have you ever experienced success in any area and then realized it wasn’t exactly what you wanted after all? My guest today experienced unexpected and surprising growth as her Instagram following quickly grew from 10,000 followers to over 70,000 followers in just a few years. In this episode of The Art Biz, I’m talking to Sara Schroeder. We talk about the creative way that she overcame her fear of selling and what she wishes she had known to do differently while in the throes of that success....
Published 04/07/22
You are not alone. It may seem like you are at times because you do so much work by yourself in the studio, but the art ecosystem is enormous and you are not alone. There are so many good people who are advocating on behalf of and supporting artists in their businesses and careers. I want you to know about these resources so that you can tap into them. They’re waiting for you. In this episode of The Art Biz, I’m talking with Louise Martorano, the Executive Director at RedLine Contemporary...
Published 04/06/22
Artists need writers. They are a critical part of the art ecosystem. Look back on any art movement from the past century in the U.S. and you’ll find a writer behind its day in the spotlight. My guest for this episode of The Art Biz is artist and writer Philip Hartigan. As you’ll hear, he’s not quite sure what order those labels should be in. In some respects, the writing came first, but the art has always been there. We talk about his writing life, the role that blogging has had for him, and...
Published 03/10/22
Members of the general public enjoy their visits to art centers and museums without much thought as to how the art got into those spaces in the first place. Who decides on what to show and when to show it? Who decides what works to put next to one another and where to put a nail in the wall or a pedestal on the floor? Or even what color to paint the walls? All of these decisions, and more, fall under the purview of curators and exhibition directors in those non-profit spaces. In this episode...
Published 02/24/22
For too long I have been noticing artists posting things like this on social media: ‘Fresh off the easel! What do you think?’ or ‘I'm experimenting with . Let me know what you think!’ What do I think? Do you really want to know what I think? In this solo episode of The Art Biz I want to talk about feedback. When you ask people ‘what do you think’ you are asking for their feedback, whether it’s intentional or not. We are often too quick to ask for feedback, and we ask for it in ways that can...
Published 02/10/22
Risk is scary. Rejection stinks. Resilience seems elusive. When I think of these three R words, the word practice comes to mind. Taking one step at a time over and over again because we know it is the only way to make big progress. In order to embrace risk, we have to practice. We step into it, try it on, and, almost always, discover that it isn’t as bad as the soundtrack we were playing in our heads. Rejection is also a practice. We build up emotional muscles after receiving disappointing...
Published 01/13/22
Why is it so hard for us to take care of ourselves? We all get busy. We feel a sense of urgency to keep up and do more. But if we're honest, we realize that very little is really urgent. Still, all of this hustle means we neglect habits and routines that will keep us well and give us energy for work in and out of the studio. And it's even harder when you're also responsible for caring for others. Whether you're a parent with growing children or an adult with aging parents, caregiving can take...
Published 12/30/21
We need art. Some of us need it more than others, and for some of us, it's as necessary as the air we breathe. My guest on this episode of The Art Biz is Rich Simmons, a London-based artist who insists that art saved his life. Rich is not an art therapist, but he is an advocate for the therapy of an art practice. He knows from first-hand experience that art heals. In 2008 he started Art Is The Cure to inspire people to turn to creativity in times of pain. Art has given his life purpose.
Published 12/16/21
There is an urgency to making your work and getting it out there so that you can find the people who respond to it, but it becomes much harder to accomplish much of anything if your body aches from the physically demanding work you do. What are you doing to take care of yourself? If you want to improve your productivity, and your health, then it’s time to focus on your self-care.
Published 12/09/21
Lots of artists make a good living, or at least a significant part of their income, from commissions. But what would happen if you turned the whole commission process on its head? In this episode I talk with Leisa Collins, who started her art business by targeting people whose homes she wanted to paint. After a few failed attempts at marketing her work, her career as a house portraitist took off.
Published 11/18/21
So many art venues shut down during the pandemic, leaving artists and gallerists without an opportunity for closure. My guest for this episode of The Art Biz is Mai Wyn Schantz, an artist who was also a gallerist when she closed her space at the beginning of COVID. She hated to lose the relationships she had built over the years as the gallerist, and she needed closure and was determined to do right by her artists.
Published 11/11/21
People. You need them. The relationships you nurture can sustain you, but you'll never know to what extent until you start taking them seriously, until you believe with all of your soul that you can't do this on your own. But what do you do if you move to a new place and don't know anyone, or if you're just getting started? Where do you begin? In this episode of The Art Biz, I talk with Laurence de Valmy about how she has used her bonus talent as a writer to make connections in all areas of...
Published 11/04/21
We’re all about the quest for more followers, more likes, more shares, more views, and more comments these days and it’s not fair that the social media algorithms have so much control over who sees your art. But are we really so subject to social media giants? I believe we are taking huge risks by relying on mass communication to complete the circle of communication. In this solo episode of The Art Biz I want to talk about what really works for moving the needle with your art.
Published 10/28/21
It takes a great deal of effort to find the right person to help with your art business, so you want to get it right. That means you need to find a way to retain good team members. You want them to take ownership in your business and pride in the work they do on your behalf. In this episode of The Art Biz, I talk with Ali Manning about the responsibilities she feels as the person in charge of her business, including the responsibilities she has to team members.
Published 10/21/21
In order to have a successful working relationship with anyone, you need guiding ground rules. It can feel unnecessary to enact these formal arrangements with those close to us, and yet it's even more important to have them when you’re navigating the relationships that mean the most. In this episode of The Art Biz, I talk with Trudy Rice about her working relationship with her sister Jenny
Published 10/14/21
It can be very difficult to hire someone to help with your business, but if you want your business to grow, there comes a point at which you must hire to support that growth. In my conversation with Angela Fehr and Robin Edmundson you'll hear how Angela has handled building a team and how Robin has been able to support her in this process. We talk about the technology they use, how they communicate with one another, and how they work with other team members who have since come on board.
Published 10/07/21
Whenever you have multiple styles or subjects, you probably also have multiple audiences. This can also mean that you're essentially running multiple businesses. In my conversation with Robin Maria Pedrero you’ll hear about the three different styles and subjects she paints, and how she juggles these and the various audiences for her work.
Published 09/30/21
Your mailing list is your art business’s #1 marketing asset, but it’s absolutely useless if you aren’t using it and intent on growing it. Too many artists neglect their mailing lists simply because they don’t know the real power that it holds. In this solo episode, you’ll hear a new definition for your mailing list that just might inspire you to give it your full attention again and details about the upcoming Grow Your List program
Published 09/16/21
Why do we make things so difficult for ourselves sometimes? We unnecessarily complicate our businesses because we lose focus. But the truth is, you probably already have everything you need to simplify your to-do list and increase your productivity. To help unpack this idea, I’m joined on this episode of The Art Biz by Amelia Furman, who says that her to-do list was out of control before she took charge and started eliminating obligations from her life.
Published 09/09/21
Welcome to the 100th episode of The Art Biz! In this milestone episode, the tables are turned as I become the guest of host Cynthia Morris. More than just a self-congratulatory episode, together we discuss the value of acknowledging your progress, however imperfect it may be. We share what it takes to do the work, create the content, and develop the tenacity that results in milestones worth celebrating.
Published 09/02/21
What can you do if your art business isn’t profitable? When you’ve trimmed business expenses as far as you can, the only other thing you can do to be profitable is to increase your income. In this solo episode, you will learn about the income-accelerating plan that shapes a realistic strategy for increasing your income. If you’re ready to dramatically up level your business IQ by gaining insights into where your income came from, where it can come from
Published 08/26/21
Being profitable as an artist doesn't necessarily mean you need to do more. Sometimes it's about doing less by being discerning about what you take on and where you invest your energy. My guest Jill Soukup methodically improves her work to make sure that her career, her business, and her life are what she wants them to be. In this conversation, Jill and I discuss how and where she sells her work, how teaching fits in with her income plan, and why it's important for her to keep things simple.
Published 08/19/21