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Yay it's podcast day! Today we are discussing 'like with like' - why it's important and why it's such a helpful strategy when decluttering and organising. Have you heard us say this phrase before? We hope so as we say it a LOT! Tune in to hear what it's all about and why we say it sooooo often - see if you can count just how many times we say it in this episode! We also have a few updates for you on a couple of things that have been happening behind the scenes here at the Art of Decluttering - including a brand new Paperwork Course that will be launched this year! So grab those headphones and happy listening! In this episode we: ● Discuss what 'like with like' means and why its a catchphrase in our industry; ● Remind you to ask 'is this everything' when decluttering and sorting a category; ● Share some helpful tips for successful decluttering at home by yourself; ● Encourage you to be intentional and realistic with your storage solutions; And so so so so much more... We hope from this conversation we all learn something and put a smile on your face! Things mentioned in this episode and other helpful links: ● Minimalism Episode ● Micro Decluttering Episode ● Paperwork Episode Special thanks to J Rowley, Mary and our listener from the mountains of North Carolina for your wonderful reviews! If you live in NSW, North Carolina or Canada it's your turn to leave us a review!! If you've left us one already then why not leave us a 2nd review!! Join our community ● Our website The Art of Decluttering ● Become a Patron with Patreon – your monthly support makes a huge difference to us being able to produce this podcast. Support can be as little as $1 a month! ● Follow us on Instagram ● Follow us on Facebook ● Join our Facebook group ● Leave a review on Apple Podcast Thank you to our sound engineer, Jarred from Four4ty Studio Productions.   See for privacy and opt-out information.
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