BONUS: ArtCurious + My Modern Met's Top Artist Podcast: Artist Making an Impact
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Today, it’s a very special episode of ArtCurious! We’re joining forces with the minds over at My Modern Met, and their new podcast, Top Artist, to discuss four of our favorite impactful artists in art history. This is the second half of our conversation— the first half is over on Top Artist’s podcast feed, so go over there and download that episode first, and then come back here to complete the conversation. Please SUBSCRIBE and REVIEW our show on Apple Podcasts and FOLLOW on Spotify Twitter / Instagram Sponsors Wondrium: Enjoy one month free with unlimited access Woodstock Chimes: Use promo code “ARTCURIOUS” for a 15% discount on your order BetterHelp: Listeners enjoy 10% off your first month of counseling Storyblocks: Get unlimited downloads at Storyblocks, a subscription-based provider of stock video and audio Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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