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The first ever episode of...The "Not a Hockey Podcast" Podcast. Tim and Dee talk about how they met and fell in love and decided to start a podcast. Tim deals with an intruder and the boys try and figure out the name of the podcast. Also Tim tells us about the one time he made a Russian equipment manager flip him off during a game. The show is brought to you by : Boikeys Biltong BOIKEYS.com
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the boys talk social media, Mark Wahlberg lying about waking up at 2:30, only fans, and react to a very special person who married a 300 year old ghost pirate.  love comes in mysterious ways. sponsored by Boikey's Biltong. Air dried beef. 3 grab a pack today!! https://boikeys.com/
Published 02/22/22
Published 02/22/22
tim has a crisis with his golf simulator dee is fat and needs help, tim refuses  tim had the kids alone for a few days
Published 01/17/22