Tonight we dined in hell...
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crazy 48 hours in ranger land the boys step up for Artemiy3 Gorton and Davidson get the axe, Dolan off his meds again? Messier trying to pick up the pieces and slide in Chris Drury behind it all? We delve into that conspiracy theory
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the boys talk social media, Mark Wahlberg lying about waking up at 2:30, only fans, and react to a very special person who married a 300 year old ghost pirate.  love comes in mysterious ways. sponsored by Boikey's Biltong. Air dried beef. 3 grab a pack today!!
Published 02/22/22
Published 02/22/22
tim has a crisis with his golf simulator dee is fat and needs help, tim refuses  tim had the kids alone for a few days
Published 01/17/22