AD NON-WEEKLY ROUND UP #8 with Jesse Draxler
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AD Non-Weekly Round Up #8 with artist, Jesse Draxler, and Yoshino. Jesse Draxler was born in rural Wisconsin, studied in Minneapolis, MN, and currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. A formal mixed media & inter-disciplinary artist, Draxler has exhibited extensively both domestically and internationally.  Draxler collaborates with brands including Hugo Boss, McQ Alexander McQueen, and Ferrari, with original artwork appearing in Elle, The New York Times, The New Yorker, and The Atlantic, among other publications.  Show Notes: 00:00:32 - Seasons in life 00:07:18 - Focusing on the process instead of the result 00:12:05 - The confluence of running and creativity 00:16:32 - Self-reflection 00:22:16 - Personal values 00:34:35 - The practical reality of art 00:39:53 - Creativity thorough destruction 00:47:56 - Jesse’s personal growth throughout the years 00:53:05 - Life and death 00:57:09 - The importance of being conscious of one’s physical and mental health 01:13:20 - Perspective shifts 01:26:14 - Understanding guilt 01:42:34 - Wrap up
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