AD Movie Club #1 | Tokyo Sonata (Dir. Kiyoshi Kurosawa - 2008)
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For the first episode of AD’s Movie Club, Justin will be discussing Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s 2008 Film Tokyo Sonata with three of his close friends. First, we are joined by photographer and podcast host, Yoshino. Yoshino uses his photography to draw out deep lingering emotions while seeking to unveil a psychological truth embedded within all of us. He attempts to create a dichotomy and a confluence between his observations, molding them together between varying ideas and disparate elements. With these images, he invites the viewer to enter his world and to give space for the contemplation of their own personal framework and reality. Yoshino is also the host of the Artist Decoded podcast. Amirtha Kidambi is a composer, performer, and professor currently living in New York City. Kidambi earned an M.A. in Ethnomusicology from Columbia University, an M.M. in Voice and Musicology at CUNY Brooklyn College, and a B.A. in Voice from Loyola Marymount University. She currently serves on the faculty for the New School, teaching music history courses and heading a large-scale curriculum development project. She has also served on the faculty at Brooklyn College. Ru Storey (They/Them)is a Los Angeles-based queer skater, graphic designer, and editor. Ru and Justin are currently working on a short film to be premiered this summer. Justin Daashuur Hopkins is an internationally exhibited artist and award-winning director. Show Notes: 00:01:47 - Tokyo Sonata’s plot 00:04:39 - First reactions/thoughts on the patriarchy 00:09:03 - The historical context of duty and shame 00:14:00 - Structural issues of society and power dynamics 00:24:00 - Questioning your reality and moving towards self-actualization 00:35:38 - Reflections on the conversation 00:39:04 - Elements of a sonata 00:50:12 - Relinquishing of authoritarian control 01:00:58 - Wrap up
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