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Do you have a tendency to blame other people for the things that go wrong in your life? Or are you more likely to take the blame for something that you haven’t done? In this week’s episode, Bev and Marina contemplate the notion of Blame, looking at the topic within a number of different contexts. Marina admits that she has a tendency to blame other people, things or situations, and has even been known to blame the stairs after she’s tripped up on them. And Bev has, on occasion, blamed James 2 for forgetting to bring the milk up to the bedroom in preparation for her morning cuppa from her beloved teasmade. Joking aside, the ladies also discuss blame in some more serious contexts, including politics, the Grenfell Tower fire and modelling blame to our children. Depending on the situation, blame can be both helpful and utterly unhelpful. When it comes to making life As Good As It Gets, perhaps the key is just to think before we place blame. Rather than automatically blaming other people, let's take responsibility for ourselves, and accountability for our actions, even - especially - when we’re in the wrong. See for privacy and opt-out information.
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