How We Dress
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This week, the topic of discussion is a slightly more lighthearted subject - although one that still applies to us all (apart from the naturists among us) - it's How We Dress. Bev and Marina reveal how they decide what to wear and how important (or not) it is to them. They also reminisce about their outfit choices back in the day - you may not be surprised to learn that Marina spent most of her time in jodhpurs, whereas Bev tended to dress more like Sporty Spice back in the 90s. Other talking points include navigating our kids' clothes choices, how we feel about swimwear, and Bev’s penchant for Tesco jewellery. Whilst the way we dress isn't necessarily something we give too much thought to, it is a reflection of who we are, and how we want to be seen by the world. The clothes we wear are certainly one of the factors that others use when forming their initial impression of us, and how they perceive - on some level - what kind of person we are. That said, in terms of making life As Good As It Gets, the most important thing to note is how confident our outfit makes us feel when we step out into the world. Because that, after all, will determine how we show up in it. See for privacy and opt-out information.
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