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Do you consider yourself the type of person who speaks out when you’ve been treated unfairly or received bad service? Or are you the one cringing while your other half makes a fuss about something insignificant to a shop assistant? In this week’s episode, the topic at hand is...complaining.  Nobody likes the person who is constantly moaning, but there are times when complaining is acceptable, appropriate and, in some cases, necessary. So how do we distinguish between when we should and shouldn’t complain? Bev and Marina ponder over these and other questions, as well as sharing stories of times when they’ve been a bit, well, Karen-ish. Unless you want to feel their wrath, you should avoid going into a Sports Direct with Bev, and ensure that your car engine is switched off - not idling - if Marina is anywhere in the vicinity.   When it comes to making life As Good As It Gets, perhaps the most important thing is for us to recognise when to complain, and learn how to to complain with grace. But also learn to take complaints and use them constructively where we can, discard them when they’re not constructive, and be aware of the difference. See for privacy and opt-out information.
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