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The topic of this week’s episode is Change.   There is simply no doubt that change is inevitable, for all of us. Although some of us may find it easier to cope with than others, every single one of us has been resistant to change at some point in our lives. From the bigger changes in life such as divorce or moving to the other side of the world, to the smaller ones like changing our hair colour, Bev and Marina tackle the subject with a combination of insight and thoughtfulness, as well as their usual humour.  Marina admits that the life-changing event of getting married had her crying at the end of her wedding celebrations, whilst Bev enlightens us about ‘Boiling Frog Syndrome’ - it’s worth a listen just to find out what it is!  In terms of living a life that’s As Good As It Gets, how can we learn to better cope with this unavoidable facet of the human experience?    See for privacy and opt-out information.
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