Being Embarassed
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This week’s episode is a must-listen in which Bev and Marina tackle the awkward subject of ‘Being Embarassed.’ If you thought they were brutally honest and open already, you ain’t seen nothing yet! In this highly amusing episode, our ladies discuss everything from periods and poo, to vaginas and nudity, plus a whole host of other cringeworthy issues. Bev and Marina do not hold back with their own embarrassing anecdotes in which - spoiler alert - Bev admits to a rather embarrassing situation involving a rather big fart, and Marina admits to a similarly embarrassing outdoor wee situation.  Every single one of us, no matter whether a celebrity, a politician, or a world leader, has at some point or other done something so embarrassing that we have wished the ground would swallow us up. But, if we want to make our lives As Good As It Gets, we need to learn to embrace our vulnerability, style out our embarassing stories, and free ourselves in the process.    See for privacy and opt-out information.
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