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In this episode, Bev and Marina discuss the often tricky subject of criticism. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, criticism is ‘an opinion given about something or someone, especially a negative opinion, or the activity of making such judgements.' So, do you frequently give it? And how well do you take it? If we’re completely honest with ourselves, are any of us actually ‘good’ at taking criticism?  This week’s conversation encompasses everything from who we are willing to take critcism from, to who we give it to; how criticism makes us feel, and whether it is ever gratefully received; and how we might think about both the giving and receiving of criticism in an effort to improve our lives and the lives of those we care about.Whatever you do though, just don’t criticise Marina’s now famous childhood horse, Jester, because only she is allowed to do that. And if you’re one of Bev’s ex-boyfriends, you might want to tune in as she admits her previous tendency to be critical of her former love interests. In terms of living a life that is As Good As It Gets, perhaps we need to learn to look at criticism as a gift, as a way of becoming a better version of ourselves, rather than taking it as a personal critique of who we are. And by the same token, when we’re about to give criticism, maybe we should look carefully at our motivation to ensure that we are giving it in the best interests of that person.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
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