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In this week's episode, our ladies have a very candid and touching conversation about the concept of closeness. What does it mean to be close to someone? Does closeness require physical proximity? Does it require you to have known the person for a certain length of time? Does it mean that you have to know every detail of each other's lives? Being close to someone means different things to different people, and as always Bev and Marina's differing opinions play out in this topic and make for an engaging discussion. They talk about closeness in relation to friends, family, children, and sexual/romantic relationships. Their frank heart-to-heart about their own level of closeness is both funny and interesting, and it almost feels as though we shouldn't be listening. But as you know by now, this podcast is more like having your two best friends in the room with you, so anything goes! Whatever it means to you, closeness to others is something we all need in order to thrive, feel safe, and feel loved. Some of us will require it more than others, some of us less. In terms of living a life that's As Good As It Gets there are no rules, no pressure to have a hundred close friends; as long as you have one person you feel close to, that's really all that matters. See for privacy and opt-out information.
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