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In this week's podcast, Bev and Marina tackle the subject of Failure, something which for many of us brings to mind negative connotations. But does failure actually need to be regarded as, well, a failure? Or can we reframe it and perceive our failures as inevitable and positive experiences from which we can learn and grow? In this episode, the ladies discuss their own views on failure and talk candidly about areas of their life in which they feel they are failing and / or have failed. From parenting failures (Marina mistakenly revealed to her daughter that Father Christmas isn't real), to career failures (Bev wrote a novel years ago which she hasn't yet had published), and other so-called failures such as divorce or bad results in exams, they cover many different aspects of this universal concept. In terms of living a life that's As Good As It Gets, perhaps the key is to embrace failure, looking upon it as an opportunity to work out how we can be better. After all, the most successful people on the planet all have one thing in common - they have all experienced failure on their way to success. One more thing...this episode is worth a listen if only to hear the story of Marina failing her driving test 5 times. FIVE! See for privacy and opt-out information.
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