75 - Classic Cliffhangers: Carnal Knowledge, Part Deux
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Look, we receive hundreds of letters a month here at Ask Ronna. But with the number of letters we get about issues of the boudoir, we might be two steps away from becoming the Penthouse Forum. Not that we're complaining! You've written in with some, shall we say, titillating questions during the pandemic, and, as you know, we save our most titillating letters for our cliffhangers. So, without further adieu, we present you with Classic Cliffhangers: Carnal Knowledge, Part Deux, a collection of some of our most outrageous letters, including a sexy encounter with a straight friend, the story of the "best gay son" from Cleveland, and an accidental sext. And you can catch the ENTIRE episode on YouTube! Visit youtube.com/askronna to watch. Of course, if you joined us every Friday on Patreon, you'd be getting cliffhanger answers every week along with our most intimate Carriage House experience. Give it a try! Just $5 a month gets you access to a bonus show every Friday, and $10 a month gets you VIP Sauna Privileges access with full video of the episode along with other goodies. Our Oscars Preview Party LIVE at The Carriage House is coming up on 4/18! Predictions, special guests, games...we've got it all. Get your tickets at askronnalive.com ! Today's the day! Carriage House sweetheart Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney's new novel GOOD COMPANY is officially on sale! But if you pre-ordered it, it should be in your mailbox momentarily. Cynthia joins us on the Free Feed on 4/27, so be sure to read GOOD COMPANY and send us your questions for Cynthia by 4/20. Here's your chance to pick a New York Times bestselling author's brain, pardon me. Need a copy? Get it here: https://bookshop.org/shop/askronna 
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