Employed by Thee or Laid Aside for Thee
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Bishop Sue didn't have to look far to find a great conversation partner for this episode of At the Table. She is joined by her husband Rev. Allen Johnson. Allen is currently serving as Associate Pastor at Johns Creek UMC. They discuss the Covenant Prayer.
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In today's episode of At the Table, Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson continues the series of conversations with District Superintendents and lay leadership from around the Conference. She is joined by Central East superintendent Rev. Dr. Rodrigo Cruz and lay leader Jeff Fuller. They discuss the gift...
Published 05/14/21
Published 05/14/21
Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson invites Rev. Jimmy Moor to join her "At the Table" this week. Jimmy offers a sermon from the Gospel of John for the first Sunday after Easter then he and Bishop Sue discuss our connection, staying alert, and how grateful we are when peace and joy show up.   
Published 04/12/21