Hello, hello and welcome to an end of raid AAD. We cover raids, new toons and a “Dynamic Duo” bonus. Tewty talks turn zero RNG, Sekju blasts Reddit, Retpmus is sleep deprived and was it AB all along that kept AAD from a top 10 finish? BIFF announces a new BIFF BIFFd challenge (go to AAD’s discord to enter) and why doesn’t Tewty eat salad? We talk all that and more… same AAD time, same AAD channel. Put a pre-holiday “bow” on these Raids with a brand new AAD!
Published 11/27/22
Hello, Hello and welcome to a brand-new episode of AAD. We discuss Grail (again), and how to beat Atrocitus teams (again)…but this isn’t some boring rehash show. This is AAD, and we always deliver the goods. This episode, we take questions directly from Reddit and we find out how much a [email protected]#k-ton weighs. After you listen to this episode, you’ll know too.
Published 11/13/22
Published 11/13/22
Hello, Hello and welcome to a brand-new episode of AAD. Retpmus talk about his iron stomach, BIFF cautions you to bring a positive attitude to this Siege and why would someone that doesn’t even play the game RB3 their Atro? We check in with Reddit questions on the game, Dr. Crane educates you on the comic lore of the new chars (wait… what?) and who came 1st the Flintstones or the Jetsons? Same AAD time, same AAD channel… a new AAD is one click away!
Published 11/06/22
Hello, Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s offering. SPOILER ALERT – there are over 8000 nerve endings in the vagina. Speaking of which, we cover Trigon and the key to the Nightmare Challenge. SPOILER ALERT – It’s Becca, Lucky and Nanami, but if we’re being honest, Sarge keeps you anchored every time. What is a rebirth crystal actually worth? Nobody knows. And yes, SPOILER ALERT – we discuss Black Adam during the second half of our show. Aren’t you spoiled?
Published 10/23/22
Hello, Hello everyone and welcome to an all new episode of AAD. AB starts this episode with some sobering news… but the laughs are soon on the way. Tewty tells you why Phantom Stranger is like disco John Travolta, we talk Black Adam and the DCL community’s BIGGEST Dr. Fate expert is here to break down his re-work. Sekju’s son and DCL Junk show up out of nowhere, we discuss “Movie Star” vs great actors/actresses and which way does Velma (from Scooby Doo) swing? Same AAD time, same AAD...
Published 10/09/22
Hello, hello everyone and welcome to our 1st LIVE show for our 2nd anniversary. Well it’s not live anymore… but you can listen back to the fun we had earlier today with a live studio audience. AB shows you why we’re not always LIVE, Witty shares her favorite sodas, Tewty gives the answer to the “problem child” blues and DCL Junk does a KILLER Bane impression. We talk Batman event, Nightmare, who Hatemael looks like and Sekju shares a possible new Raid synergy. Oh and did you know Moomin...
Published 09/18/22
Welcome to another episode of Snippets. Today we are covering the DCEU status and possible future as well as game updates. (Future is looking promising.) Sekju all upset about Burger being all up in his A$$. Wally wants everyone to lift something heavy. Lurking your NEXT buddy!!! Also a quick shout out to ZOOM thanks for the quick cut off and smallest episode ever! lol...
Published 09/11/22
Hello, Hello everyone and welcome to an end of Raids new episode of AAD. We talk new toons and re-works, fresh chicken eggs and why does Hatemael want to be “milked?” Tewty asks if Ivy or ORM’s phat ass are too sexy, an All-Star has 3 nipples and why is the Penguin waddling at warp speeds? Witty embraces her inner-Anchorman and sends a message to “stay classy San Diego,” DCL Junk slays as always (check out her DCL content), something weird hits Retpmus’ windshield and BIFF shares why DC...
Published 09/04/22
Hello, hello everyone and welcome to ANOTHER positivity and uplifting edition of AAD. Kage takes us to Zimbabwe, Garth eases Hatemael’s stiff neck and Retpmus tries to steal a “Burger.” We talk used golf balls, South Park, dev appreciation and Owl lies. Sekju gives love to Red Tornado… and oh, did I bury the LEAD? Witty’s back! Tune in right now… same AAD time… same AAD channel.
Published 08/28/22
Hello, Hello everyone! Boy, do we have a show for you today. We’re joined by JayeMCB, host of DCL Junk on YouTube and it doesn’t take long for things to get out of hand. Retpmus joins late, We talk a bit more about Black Canary, Tewty shows us the laser hair removal kit he got on Offerwall (and you won’t believe where he did it!). Sekju wonders what makes a good leader, Hatemael joins us to remind you about tonight’s tier list, and we talk about the worst leader in the game (and why he...
Published 08/21/22
Hello, Hello @everyone and welcome to a new char, re-work and uplifting edition of AAD. Tewtytron joins to help us break down Fire and Ice, Retpmus loves TDK and BIFF shares a surprising take on Black Canary. AB compares Tewty to “Joe Dirt,” Ret shouts out the DCL art team and Tewty speculates on what kinda “hanky panky” Catwoman’s “into.” If you’re looking for a discussion on raid bonus toons (yawn)…. you’ve come to the WRONG place… but if you need some positivity and uplifting thoughts...
Published 08/14/22
Hello Hello everyone and welcome to another post Raid episode of AAD. We put a bow on another Raid, dive into this month’s re-works and stat boosts and Tewty lets down the Indigo fans. AB tells you why people only want him for his body, Sekju walks the red carpet and Bizarro Retpmus shows up out of nowhere. We also tackle critical questions like what the hell is a Hank, why does Superman ride in vehicles and what happens when a bug gets caught in a Cyclone? Don’t waste another Raid...
Published 07/31/22
Hello Hello everyone and welcome to a pre-Raid episode of AAD. BIFF, Retpmus and AB discuss tips on getting to the last milestone while simultaneously coming out gem “positive,” sane and with your gear resources for the month covered. Retpmus rides a mosquito to the beach, AB teaches BIFF the difference between a Chapter and Level and Dr. Crane stops by with a Bob Barker-like P.S.A. to have your Wraith “heroes” spayed or neutered. Tune in RIGHT NOW... Same AAD time, same AAD channel.
Published 07/24/22
Hello, hello and welcome to another episode of Atlantis After Dark Snippets. Today The Great White Buffalo and Moby Dick of Siege himself "The AB" joins the show! On this episode we cover some cool DC Retro-games, talk about some of our favorite DC Animated shows, as well our Nostalgic show of the episode Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) referred to as Wonder Woman 77. So sit back and enjoy the show with us, you're sure to have a good time.
Published 07/10/22
Hello, hello everyone and welcome to a finish off your lvl 150 Trigon episode of Atlantis After Dark. Tewty Tron breaks down the re-works of Shazam and Freddy, Hatemael shares why there’s Owl blood in the water this Raid and Sekju bums everyone out by fast-forwarding to next month’s RAID. AB give the devs some love, we tell you why (although he seems real nice) Retpmus is jerk and BIFF has a message for you if you feel DCL is getting “stale.” Well don’t even wait until your next boss is...
Published 07/03/22
Hello, Hello, everyone and welcome to this edition of AAD. This week, the gang talks about size. And yes, it matters, but not for the reasons you might think. Retpmus explains the origin of his high school nickname. Plus, this week we’re joined by TewtyTron, who encapsulates his thoughts on Granny Goodness. It’s all here on this mini-episode of Atlantis After Dark! https://www.atlantisafterdark.com
Published 06/19/22
Hello, Hello @everyone and welcome to brand new episode of AAD. This one gets “off the rails” real quick when Retpmus is late and BIFF starts telling real-life ghost stories. We review Desaad’s amazing utility, talk the mystery of G-spots and BIFF and AB prepare to launch a new T-shirt company on “Shark Tank.” Retpmus plants seeds, Witty’s not buying it and although AAD doesn’t show video (trust me) AB can’t stop laughing. We talk a little siege bonus, Witty gives a “shout-out” to a...
Published 06/12/22
Hello Hello and welcome to a Raids wrapping up edition of AAD. A hungover Tewtytron joins the show to talk re-works and take a victory lap on Mongul, AB wrestles with a skipping gong and Satan spawns a new Superhero Louis. Sekju mixes up his Kryptonians, BIFF asks for Merci, Retpmus tells you why chars the die are bad and Witty and Raven give “the finger” to Azreal. And did you get a load of those Raid rewards? Don’t wait another second to listen while finishing up your milestones… same...
Published 05/29/22
On this episode of snippets we cover the shows that WB cancelled. Were they justified in their decission? Our thoughts and opinions on what shows remain as well as the new ones to come. We will also cover a classic nostalgic show "The Flash" from 1990 starring John Wesley Shipp. So come and spend some time with us and chat about the DC Universe today...
Published 05/22/22
Hello, Hello everyone. Get your pitchforks out for a “boycott” edition of AAD. Hatemael “takes us to church,” Sekju tells the compensation mob to go #2 and Retpmus laughs in the face of boycotts by spending even when he shouldn’t. AB is distracted by a pretty lady waving at him, BIFF apologizes to both the Owls and the F2P community and did we “bury the lead”… Black Flash stops by at the end and gets “smacked back to the boondocks.” We also announce the $50 winner of the Rebirth BIFF...
Published 05/15/22
Hello Hello everyone and welcome to a highly inebriated new episode of Atlantis After Dark… half the All-Stars are on something (you figure out who), Hatemael defends WB and KOA, Bonkers the Clown “finishes” on Black Flash’s face and Tewtytron joins Dr. Crane and his NEW co-host to talk Spectre NERF. Not to mention Raid bugs, Witty sounds off on vicious cycles… and oh boy those cute Volleyball girls are “click bait” on that crazy interweb. Will the All-stars stop laughing, will Retpmus stay...
Published 05/01/22
Hello Hello @everyone. In today’s episode of AAD we discuss 2 new Superheroes in AAD, new chars Mongul and Ursa, the best Raid 1x “bonus” toons and we call on the community for help on your quickest 6 day comps! Did BIFF “nod off” during Superman talk or was it just his mic, we have DIY time with Sekju and AB decides to piss off Will Smith for some reason. Get his wife’s name outta your damn mouth and listen to AAD!
Published 04/24/22