6 - Le Petit Prince (embedded stories)
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Have you always wanted to read Le Petit Prince in French? It's possible now with those 5 embedded stories. I've prepared 4 simplified versions of the first paragraph of the first chapter of Le Petit Prince. The first four versions are to help prepare you for the fifth version which is in its full form. This story is for Advanced Beginners (A1 - about 50 hours of French) but still accessible for every level.  Vocabulary:  · manger (to eat) · déguster/savourer (to savour) · avaler/déglutir (to swallow) · croquer (to bite) · digérer (to digest) · mâcher (to chew) · dévorer (to devour) · proie (prey) "Le Petit Prince" is a very famous French novel well-known around the world and even taught in a lot of French classes. It was written by Antoine de Saint Exupéry. This first chapter of the Le Petit Prince is about someone who read somewhere in a book that boa snakes eat their prey in their all without chewing them. They just swallow their prey, then, they don't move and sleep for the next 6 months which is the necessary time to digest what they have eaten.  Access the eBook version and the eBook Course on bobofrench.com and start building your Bobo French Library. Join us on Facebook! The group is still open to non-members of the Bobo French Library. Research has shown that Learning French through stories is the most efficient way to become fluent in no time. Did you know that we acquire a language by reading and listening first? Stop studying vocabulary lists and start listening to French stories. Debora
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