3 - Mini-story to learn the verb Être (to be)
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This is a mini-story focusing on the verb To be (être). In this episode, I used the verb to be in a smooth dialogue using only cognates or greeting words you probably already know, like "bonjour", "ça va", "merci". In the dialogue, the verb to be is conjugated with all the subject pronouns. If you would like to access to transcript to make sure you conjugate the verb To Be properly, Join us on Facebook where you can watch the video with the transcripts and see the characters. The group is still open to non-members of the Bobo French Library. Access the eBook version and the eBook Course on bobofrench.com and start building your Bobo French Library.   Research has shown that Learning French through stories is the most efficient way to become fluent in no time. Did you know that we acquire a language by reading and listening first? Stop studying vocabulary lists and start listening to French stories. A bientôt, Debora
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