375 | Laura, one baby, eating disorder, anxiety, PTSD, sexual abuse, MGP, spontaneous labour, The Birth Class, physiological birth
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Laura’s story is unforgettable as she describes the healing power of birth with honesty and grace. She came to pregnancy with a history of mental health concerns, including depression, anxiety, PTSD and eating disorders that stemmed from childhood and adolescent sexual abuse. She has worked closely with her psychologist to work through her trauma but she admits that the final part of her journey was labour and birth; she considered it a powerful way to heal and connect with her body. She surrounded herself with supportive care providers, embraced birth education via The Birth Class and laboured beautifully at home before going to hospital and birthing her baby boy. As she says with immense gratitude: “It was a birth and a rebirth for me.”  ___________ Have you heard the news? My new book, The Complete Australian Guide to Pregnancy and Birth, is now available for purchase. This book covers everything you need as you journey through pregnancy and prepare for a positive birth experience. --> Get yours  today. I hope you love it.
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