376 | Meg, two babies, advanced maternal age, MGP, student midwife, induction, The Birth Class
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In today’s episode, Meg shares her two positive inductions. She fell pregnant at 39 with her first baby yet her advanced maternal age (AMA) didn’t affect her care options or her birth choices. She knew she wanted continuity of care and accessed the MGP programme at her local hospital alongside the support of a student midwife. Her induced labour was relatively quick but she admits that the second (pushing) stage was her greatest challenge. In her second pregnancy she embraced the lessons shared in The Birth Class and loved the guidance and direction of her midwife while birthing her baby. Meg’s story is beautifully told and incredibly positive; a really great starting point if you’re new to pregnancy and the podcast. ___________ Have you heard the news? My new book, The Complete Australian Guide to Pregnancy and Birth, is now available for purchase. This book covers everything you need as you journey through pregnancy and prepare for a positive birth experience. --> Get yours  today. I hope you love it.
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