An audio tour of films featuring Vito Acconci, Erik Satie, Vicki Bennett, Karl Holmquist, and more from the UbuWeb archive.
Published 01/11/11
Published 01/11/11
Samples from from Craig Dworkin's UbuWeb paper “Unheard Music,” featuring John Cage, Steve Reich, Mieko Shiomi, Yves Klein, and more.
Published 09/07/10
Audio interpretations of Gertrude Stein from the UbuWeb archives.
Published 07/23/10
Yoko Ono flushing toilets, La Monte Young’s “Theater of Eternal Music,” Larry Miller’s baby crying, Alison Knowles onion skin music and loads more.
Published 06/02/10
Gertrude Stein at the Algonquin, William Carlos Williams trying to remember “The Red Wheelbarrow,” Salvador Dali on his phallic moustache, Marcel Duchamp, Jacques Derrida, and scads more from the archive.
Published 03/23/10
Sound clips from Gertrude Stein, Yoko Ono, Louise Lawler, Shelley Hirsch, Lauren Lesko, Forough Farrokhzad, Pauline Oliveros, and many more.
Published 11/24/09
Sound clips from Kathy Acker, Laurie Anderson, Caroline Bergvall, Denise Levertov, Lydia Lunch, Patti Smith, Eileen Myles, and many more.
Published 10/19/09
How the French avante-garde twisted up and bent language, featuring Rimbaud, Apollinaire, the space age poetry of Ilse Garnier, and more.
Published 08/19/09
A wide-ranging survey of British sound poets and artists from the 1960s to the present, featuring Bob Cobbing, Neil Mills, Liliy Greenham, Chirstopher Logue, Ann Laplantine, and more.
Published 07/22/09
Listening to the far out sounds of 1970's LA, featuring Chris Burden, Paul McCarthy, and the Kipper Kids, among others.
Published 04/28/09
And other ethnopoetic marvels, including speaking in tongues, throat singers, and sound poetry.
Published 01/06/09
Hear Allen Ginsberg's hilarious "CIA Dope Calypso" and peak performances by Ezra Pound, Amiri Baraka and Abbie Hoffman.
Published 10/21/08
You really should listen to the numbers 1 through 100 . . . especially 79.
Published 08/01/08
Tellus's trove of '80s recordings, from ethnopoetics to Paul Bowles.
Published 05/27/08
Aspen featured Warhol, the Velvets, and John Lennon twiddling the radio dial.
Published 02/18/08
Kenneth Goldsmith shares some insane and profane sounds that lie between Avant-Garde and Outsider Art, including recordings by Jim Roche, Robin Kahn, and Sean Landers.
Published 01/18/08
The John Giorno Poetry Systems
Published 12/05/07