Master Minds by Gordon Korman
Published 12/12/21
Published 12/12/21
This is my experience with the test
Published 11/17/21
First episode
Published 09/26/21
French narration of a little boy fleeing Afghanistan to reach Canada
Published 09/08/21
I tell what happens when we visited Paramount Fine foods
Published 09/07/21
Day 1
Published 09/04/21
A collection of children’s stories from India
Published 09/03/21
Movie review
Published 08/31/21
English version
Published 08/01/21
Tips for kids
Published 07/27/21
Part 2
Published 07/27/21
Alphabets and numbers
Published 07/18/21
On regards si il y a des places ou on Prut boot Des aliens
Published 07/18/21
French version of my commentary . Italy versus England final. England is leading 1-0
Published 07/11/21
Published 07/09/21
Vaccine hesitancy
Published 07/09/21
A podcast in French
Published 07/04/21
Today we are talking about EBM and how you can discover if the information is biased
Published 07/04/21
Published 07/03/21
Today we dive deep down into the deep sea to explore what really happens down there. We may encounter a few problems. I am giving a hint here: Houston we have a problem!
Published 07/03/21