#127 - The Power of Failure with Kevin Kelly, Publisher and Founding Editor of Wired
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“There’s a certain amount of forgetting that we need to do in order to learn something new.” – Kevin Kelly, Founding Editor of Wired magazine Whether you are designing a research project, prototyping a product, or carving out your career path, unlearning plays an important role in learning new things. But how do we embrace them in a practical way that leads to viable success? For Kevin Kelly, Publisher and Founding Editor of Wired, leaning on failure is a crucial aspect of the creative writing process—and the motions of life in general. From giving advice on embracing mistakes to finding true joy and fulfillment, Kevin Kelly shares a raw perspective on applying important life lessons to both work and life. In this episode we discuss: Understanding “known failures” and “unknown failures” Forgetting and unlearning your bias.  Prototyping and experimentation in research and in life Career advice, tips, and hacks Highlights: [00:01:51] Navigating failure: tractable vs. intractable failures [00:05:37] Understanding other people's beliefs and questioning our own [00:12:25] The value of prototyping and experimentation in life and your career [00:16:47] Redefining success and exploring unique opportunities [00:22:15] Learning what to ignore and discarding unnecessary information [00:33:44] Kevin's current project on a 100-year desirable future! Sources mentioned in the episode: userinterviews.com/awkward https://kk.org/books/the-inevitable About Our Guest Kevin Kelly is an accomplished author, speaker, and “evergreen optimist,” known for his work on technology, innovation, and the future. As the founding executive editor of Wired, Kevin has been instrumental in shaping discussions around technology and its implications on society. He has authored several influential books, including "The Inevitable," which delves into the technological forces that will impact our future. Currently, Kevin is working on a project envisioning a desirable 100-year future. Awkward Silences Survey Take this survey and let us know what topics you want to hear next! userinterviews.com/awkwardsurvey --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/awkwardsilences/message
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